Monday, March 12, 2018

Maxi on Track

My trip to my home country Nigeria in earlier this year was incredible! Typically, my time in Lagos, Nigeria is spent attending parties, weddings, and meeting up with friends. This time, I wanted to experience Lagos! I wanted to soak in the vibe and truly enjoy the beauty of the city that bred me. So, before I left the US, I made a list of places I wanted to visit, and Jaekel House Museum at the Nigerian Railway Compound topped my list. The reason this tourist site rated high on my list is personal. My mom grew up on this compound and my grandfather (I never met him) worked for the Railway Corporation.

Unfortunately, the Jaekel House museum which showcases the history and artifacts of the Nigerian Railway Corporation was closed for the holidays. This was a a tad disappointing, as I was looking forward to soaking myself in the 112 year history of the railway system. However, the railway compound offered an amazing backdrop for picture taking. As you can see below, the scenery was dope and my blue taffeta maxi skirt and white tshirt fit right in with the beautifully rugged ambiance.

On the railway track
In front of the Jaekel House Museum

Saw this pile of old tires and thought they'd make great props for a photoshoot

Took this before I left home
Bag is on sale and available at

What do you guys think of the Nigerian Railway Compound? Dope, right? Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Have a great week chicas.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Lately on IG: Cocktails, brunch, and photobombing dogs

What have I been up to? My instagram says it all.

All black and a little bit of legs ;-)
When your sweatshirt from the men's department fits like a glove
I don't wear sunglasses because the bridge of my nose, or lack thereof won't let me be great, but it is still fun trying them on. 

Flashback to Halloween 2017
Capitol Hill
Lovely wall art at The Warehouse, Old Towm Alexandria, Virginia
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Still standing, still smiling...and photobombed by a canine 🐶 
City Center, DC
Crab cake egg benedict at The Warehouse, Old Town Alexandria, VA. Yummiest meal ever!
Photo opp after church service
Flashback to skinnier days :-(

I couldn't resist the colorful blocks at National Gallery of Art East Building, DC
I am not much of a drinker, but this New Orleans hurricane cocktail was bomb!

China Town Archway, Washington DC

Quick selfie before heading to my friend's traditional Igbo wedding
Georgetown, DC
Monday blues
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Happy new week chicas.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Travel Therapy: London in 13 hours

My love for London is indescribable. I have spent a considerable amount of time in this city ( six months being the longest), but still, I feel like a giddy little kid whenever I get the opportunity to visit. And so, a while back, when I had a 13 hour layover in London, the excitement kicked in once again, and I started mapping out an itinerary.

On this particular trip, I wanted to visit the popular tourists sites and see London like a first timer. With a few hours to spare, I had a strict timeline and itinerary that I could not deviate from. Want to see what I got up to in 13 hours? Check out the pictorial account of my adventure in London. Enjoy!


Once I was out of Heathrow airport, my first stop was the West Minster pier area. I hadn't seen the London Eye and Big Ben in years, so a visit to these must-see tourist attraction was at the top of my list.

London Eye
I am scared of heights, so I have actually never gone on the London Eye. I hear the view of London from this iconic ride is amazing...maybe some day.
Had the most delicious nutella crepe while people watching at the pier.

House of Parliament/BigBen Clock Tower

Big Ben clock tower at the House of Parliament is a UNESCO Heritage site. The Big Ben and House of parliament is open to the public to explore the Elizabeth Tower and attend committee hearings, but I chose to only view this iconic building from the exterior

Once I was done sight seeing at the West Minster pier area, I took a short walk to Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square is a popular tourist site and a good spot for watching street performances. The square features statues and fountains, and the National Gallery is a stone throw away.

Picadilly Circus, a busy intersection has always been a favorite spot, so I made sure to stop by to soak in the ever vibrant atmosphere
Picadilly circus is also known for its famous electronic billboards.

 Leicester Square which is a walking distance from Picadilly Circus was my next destination.
Since it was the holiday season, "Christmas in Leicester Square", a holiday market was in full swing
Leicester Square tranformed to a winter wonderland

After exploring Leicester Square, I somehow found myself in Chinatown
Aside the slew of Chinese restaurants, there wasn't much to see in Chinatown
I randomly met this Nigerian guy on the streets of Chinatown. He wanted me to take his I snapped away.

After Chinatown, mindless wandering ensued, and I aimlessy  strolled the streets of London taking random photos.
Of course, I had to sneak in a London telephone booth photo!

Soon it was dusk, and I made my way to the Borough of Southwark to see the famous Tower Bridge. It had been 13 years since I had last seen the bridge and I was really excited to scope out the area.
How picturesque

Met up with my friend Yaya who blogs over at Hand Luggage Only
My friend Ify, was also in transit to Nigeria, so we met up at London Bridge tube station and explored Tower Bridge together.

So many lovely sites to behold as we made our way  out of Tower Bridge area
Hay’s Galleria

Just before heading to the airport, my friends and I decided to grab dinner at Nandos. I am a sucker for the peri peri chicken, and I was not disappointed!

With dinner came the end of my time in my favorite city. Hope you enjoyed seeing London through my eyes. Happy humpday!